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As a Christian, a nurse, mother of two, and wife to my best friend, I want my life to glorify God most of all. I enjoy walking, eating the food my husband cooks, and playing with my kids. I especially love reading to my kids and playing lively music so we can dance around the living room together. A highlight of my career was working as an ICU Nurse, and I now use that experience in a hospital quality department as a program coordinator. I suffer from a rare autoimmune disease that includes Raynaud’s Phenomenon as a symptom. This disease is what caused me to “step down” from my position in the ICU, because it was too hard on my hands—I had to go to the bathroom during my shifts to cry and run my hands under warm water, praying that the pain would get better, so I could do my job. I also used to play the piano. For a while, music was my life! I played recitals and musicals, played the pipe organ for weddings, and led worship at church. With Raynaud’s, my hands formed wounds from typing on a computer, much less playing Rachmaninoff on the piano, so playing music had to stop. I still fight my toughest battles by worshipping God in the midst of them, though; it is just more real, vulnerable, and humble now as I really understand my dependence on God. This website was created so I can share what I’ve learned over the last nine years of living with Raynaud’s. Maybe my experiences could benefit someone else. Website Affiliate Disclosure: One of the best things that I’ve found that helps with Raynaud’s is a supplement called Kyani. It worked so well that I became an independent distributor of the supplement.

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