Gayle Porter R.N. founded ColdHands.info as a resource for those who experience Raynaud’s Phenomenon as a primary or secondary condition. The materials and community found within these pages offer a place where those that have Raynaud’s Disease can find real and practical solutions I have found to keep my hands warm and stop the process that makes my fingers go white and numb, and in some cases even increasing blood flow and healing of painful arterial ulcers that can form with Raynaud’s Syndrome.

raynaud's syndrome pictures

Raynaud’s ulcers on hands

As an added benefit, there are a fair amount of other practical benefits from a lot of these articles for people that live in cold climates or just naturally run on the chilly-side of life, for example Raynaud’s gloves.

We hope that you will browse our articles and join our community. Feel free to offer advice and suggestions if you’ve found something that helps keep your hands warm. Also feel free to ask questions or request articles about issues and treatments you’ve heard about or wonder if they will work, especially natural treatment for Raynaud Disease.  You are likely to find someone in our community that has tried it.

Keep in mind though that everyone’s experience is different, and even though this website is one resource that can help, it cannot replace a physician and sound medical advice. Always seek those when your deciding what’s right for your health.

We hope to hear from you soon.


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