Reusable Raynaud’s Gloves

I am blessed with many good friends, but I think they all freak out a little when I show them my zombie white finger tips. So on occasion, friends have given me items that may help with my Raynaud’s syndrome by warming my hands, like the one who introduced me to Kyani Nitro.

One example of this was that my friend and co-worker Anna gave me a different kind of Raynaud’s gloves than I’d ever seen before: Hand warmers by Bodycomfort. The company is focused on innovative pain management and these savvy products are portable, reusable, and environmentally friendly. They actually have an entire line of warmers, but my experience is primarily with the unscented hand warmers.

Let me describe how it works first: There is a metal disc inside clear a non-toxic catalyst, which is just water and a special salt (sodium acetate) in a soft but durable plastic bag. You press the metal clip and that kinetic energy causes the fluid to crystalize. Through that reaction, the crystallized material heats to exactly the appropriate temperature to provide about 10-15 minutes of Ranynaud’s phenomenon heated heaven. Voila!

Things that I love about this product:

  • It is so cool to watch! The crystallization and heat-production is utterly fascinating to my nerdy self, and I have already brought it out at dinner parties for show and tell.
  • It is gentle and non-invasive. The strap on the hand warmers is awesome because I can switch it to the front or back of my hand and continue typing at work and using my hands. It never hurts my skin or pushes heavily on wounds on my hands.
  • It is easy to clean, particularly because it sits in boiling water to recharge. It is reusable because when you place it in boiling water, the crystals dissolve in the heat (and return the energy, which was fascinating to my nerdy husband and he spent the rest of the evening muttering about the laws of thermodynamics).
  • I don’t have to worry about burning my skin or calculating if something is the right temperature. I used to “heat” water to lukewarm, and it felt hot to me because my hands were so cold, but then I wondered why my hands didn’t feel warm yet. Other times I showered in scalding water because it felt good to my muscles, but was not great for my skin. My inner thermostat is a bit bizarre. I appreciate that the guesswork is gone and this product heats to a reliable temperature, so I don’t have to run to the microwave repeatedly.
  • The size is great. It does not look embarrassing, requires no electrical outlet, is small and subtle, and fits easily in my purse. It does not weigh much, and I can carry both hand warmers around without herniating something important.
  • They are durable, and I am not constantly worrying that I will break a heating element, rupture something or kill the battery by conducting normal activities.
  • It has a lifetime warranty if any of the above did occur.
Things that are problematic about the hand warmers:

Other people, especially children love them to, and there’s nothing quite so disappointing as to find a crystalized and cold hand warmer laying amongst a pile of Transformers when my Raynaud’s symptoms are flaring.

There’s no easy way to recharge them other than letting them sit in boiling water for about 10 minutes, so we try to recharge them all at once using a slow cooker, but I’m afraid of being without one for emergencies, so I tend to leave an unused one in my purse and a pile of crystalized ones waiting for my Raynaud’s phenomenon to finally get the best of me

Overall though, I would give my highest recommendations to this product. They would make a great gift, or they can be carried to appointments or taken to the hospital. Given the reusable feature and the fact that there is a lifetime warranty, the price is not bad either.

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