The Dream Juicer

Like many people, I watched the documentary film “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and was eager to try adding natural juice into my diet. The idea is that our diet of processed foods is damaging at a cellular level. Juicing is supposed to make it easier to consume the number of fruits and vegetables needed to obtain a variety of “micronutrients” for optimum cellular health.

I know very well that increasing the number of fruits and vegetables in my diet is good for my immune system and consequently for circulation as well. That is evidence-based and well documented. However, my experience was similar to many, in that I could not afford a premier, expensive juicer. So I bought a cheaper one: Epic failure. It was hard to use, nearly impossible to clean, and after pushing a few pounds of fruit into it, it only yielded about 3 ounces of juice. And the juice oxidized in seconds.  You would have had to put your mouth on the dispenser to keep from getting a cup full of bubbly, slightly bitter juice.

How expensive and wasteful! I think I tried about 3 times with different combinations and decided that my juicer would work better as a composting tool than a beverage-maker. It may also have promoted the growth of fungus in my kitchen, which I have still not found useful.

My sister purchased a fancy blender that is able to perform at the level required for making something a habit. I have that blender on my wish list for making tasty smoothies, but I will not be returning to the juicing idea any time soon based on my dismal experience.

Finally, I have found that no matter how well I eat, it is not just a lack of nutrients that plagues me, it is a poor ability to transport those nutrients to the places where I really need them. When someone has poor circulation in an area, like a hand or foot, the nutrients will not circulate into that tissue. For this reason, I have found the Kyani Triangle of Health to be my greatest ally. It includes a juice and supplement that are the high-quality, great tasting product I was hoping to make myself with the juicer, but it also comes with Nitro, a vasodilator that helps carry the nutrients to the tissue that needs it most.

Juicing is not a bad idea, but you need the right (expensive) equipment and groceries to make it worthwhile, and it did not improve my circulation. I recommend coupling any nutritional efforts with Kyani Nitro, or just get the Kyani Triangle of Health that includes both.

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