Battery-Powered Heated Gloves

IMG_6729I wanted to post about one of my favorite gifts from my husband, in case there are others looking for a great gift for someone with Raynaud’s:

Early in our marriage, my spouse heater bought me a pair of battery-heated glove liners to see if they would keep my hands warmer while I drive and such. He bought them from Ventureheat, though there are quite a few brands to choose from. They looked nice and were very feminine, and most importantly they had a nice ambient heat that enveloped my hands and fingers.

One day when I had to pull hard on our van door to open it, the heating element in the left glove-liner broke. We wrote the company, and they sent a new set of glove liners to replace the broken one. The glove-liners are just too thin though, and they do not last through the wear and tear of everyday life. Soon another one broke . . . of course it was the left hand as well, so I was left with two right-hand heated gloves.

Finally, my husband bought the Ventureheat regular heated gloves instead of the liners, and they arrived on Christmas four years ago. I was hesitant to try them at first after the ones that had broken so quickly. These gloves felt heartier though, and it was cold outside, so I decided to give them a try.

I wore them all the time after that point. They have four settings, so I can set them to background warmth, or I can blast the heat with the highest setting, and they warm up my whole body.

I love that the batteries are removable and rechargeable—they use the same batteries as the glove liners, so I have an extra set and never have to be without charged batteries in the winter. One set of batteries lasts for a couple days of intermittent use and about 4-5 hours of continuous use.

With Raynauds, there were whole events that I just had to miss because I might get too cold and then I would be in pain. I wear these gloves to outdoor parades, Nights & Lights at the zoo, walking around in outdoor theme parks and fairs, and all kinds of fun that I would have missed if I did not have them. I even wear them to church because as our pastor this Sunday noted, “It’s could enough to hang meat in there.” It’s also nice to be able to shake hands without making my fellow parishioners visibly shiver and say “oh dear, your hands are freezing”.

I also discovered a perk after I started wearing them out and about: children and adults alike think I look like an awesome Iron-Man-type robot with my lit-up gloves (see picture). One six-year-old boy asked me just this week if I could buy him gloves like that. These gloves have definitely given me cool status with comic-book fans, although my husband says I would lose all my street-cred if anyone heard me calling Iron Man a robot. I’m not sure why.

One drawback is that these gloves are quite heavy and bulky. I cannot put them in my coat pockets, and they add quite a bit of weight to my purse if I carry them around inside (they weigh almost a pound each, about 14 oz to be exact). My favorite place to put them is inside a stroller bag if I have my littlest one with. Whatever the case, when it’s cold I can forgive a little extra weight in my purse or on my hands.

Another drawback is that they are stiff with all of the padding in the gloves. This feature is probably what makes them so much sturdier than the liners. However, when the ulcers on my hands get REALLY bad, I have trouble straightening my fingers. I had to switch to plain fleece gloves that are more flexible for a period of time when my fingers could not straighten because the skin was so bad. I did recover flexibility in my fingers when I started taking Kyani, and now I can wear my favorite gloves again.

These are a great gift for someone who struggles with cold hands and Raynauds, or for yourself if that someone is you.

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