The Spouse Heater

My husband and I

My husband and I

Among multiple reviews of supplements, equipment, diets, and lifestyle changes, I really feel that I must take a moment to acknowledge my favorite and most durable way to keep warm: the Spouse-Heater.

How does one use the Spouse-Heater anyway?

  • I like to place my Spouse-Heater on my spot of the bed while I get ready to turn in. That way, when I crawl into bed, my spot is nicely warmed.
  • Ask the Spouse-Heater to hold your coat before slipping into it. This is as effective as putting your clothes in the dryer to warm them and uses less electricity.
  • While driving on a cold winter’s night, I apply one large Spouse-Heater hand to both of my cold hands until they turn pink again.
  • The Spouse-Heater comes with extra large sweatshirts that I can use as a robe.
  • The bearded version has additional warmth and softness.

My spouse-heater does have certain limitations. As hard as I have tried, he cannot warm all of me at once like the fabulous heated blanket—one side of me is always left cold.

Despite this limitation, I love the self-recharging batteries. I have the cordless version with a lifetime warranty, but I do not believe I will use it as he has continued to warm me for more than 7 years now without any glitches.

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